Taeko Inoue

     Professionally trained as a beauty specialist in Kobe, Japan.  At the same time, Taeko earned numerous awards in a number of competitions including Shu Uemura Beauty Art Session (Hair, Makeup & Costume, total beauty competition) as a step towards her long-cherished dream to live in the United Stats.

     Arrived in New York, Taeko started to work at one of the high-end French salon in New York and stayed there for 6 years.  She had great opportunity to observe and learn the French style sense of beauty as well as techniques of the finishing touch. She started thinking about what she already had and didn't have at that time, it led her to diversify her professional activities and range of her work.

     After an encounter with Bob Recine, a hair artist, Taeko started working as his assistant and learned high-fashion trends through numerous photographic projects for prominent magazines including VOGUE and W magazine. She is continuously assuming a role as his assistant and work with his team members during the NY Fashion Week even now. Taeko has been working with creative team for photo, video shooting, and editorial magazine photography.